Non-Hazardous Waste Water Facility
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Non-Hazardous Waste-Water Facility

Non-Hazardous Waste Water Facility

Seaport Environmental (Seaport) is the leading non-hazardous Class-I waste-water treatment facility in northern and central California.  We are pleased to operate this facility for our customers where they can be assured compliance, customer service and cost effective disposal are our top priority. The facility does not accept waste streams with any levels of poly chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), but is capable of handling the following waste streams containing non-hazardous levels of organics and heavy metals.

  • Vault, Clarifier and Sump Water
  • Storm and Retained Rain Water
  • Holding Tank Waste
  • Groundwater Drawdown
  • Groundwater Cleanup
  • Mandatory Waste-Water Discharge
  • Water with High Solids Content

The waste water is treated by a combination of processes that include dissolved air floatation (DAF), sedimentation/solids separation, polymer addition, pH adjustment, centrifuge and activated carbon.

The facility is permitted by both the City of Redwood City, and the Silicon Valley Clean Water District (SVCWD) to discharge up to 75,000 gallons per day.  



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